Collections invisibles — Scenography for Musée Royal de Mariemont

The Museum takes artworks out of its reserves that are normally invisible to visitors. As storytelling supports, they evoke the history of the Museum and its collection, but also its museography. The scenography invites you to experience an unforgettable visit in the dark. To look, to glimpse, to recognize, to discern...

Curators: Anne-Françoise Rasseaux and Marie Demelenne
Scenography and Graphic design: Émilie Lecouturier in collaboration with Philippe Koeune - Valley the Valley
Project manager: Émilie Lecouturier

YO. Brussels Hip-Hop Generations — Scenography for BOZAR

Exhibition about 35 years of Brussels’ hip-hop culture. Not only retracing key-moments, but also acting as an immersive experience.
Curators: Adrien Grimmeau and Benoît Quittelier
Exhibition Coordinator: Alberta Sessa
Scenography: Émilie Lecouturier
Graphic design: Boldatwork
Motion design: Samuel Bodson
Construction: Chloroform
Pictures: Yannick Sas, Boldatwork, Emilie Lecouturier

Quai10 — Design of the signage system for the QUAI10 cultural centre

Graphic Design in collaboration with Harrisson / Joël Vermot
Production management: Emilie Lecouturier