Préhistomuseum, Ramioul — Design of the signage system and the furniture for the shop, cafeteria and restaurant

For atelier d’architecture AIUD and Préhistomuseum.
Design of the signage system in collaboration with Mr and Mrs Productions.
Design and production management of the furniture in collaboration with Mathieu Gabiot.
Under the name Atelier Blink.

Molenbeek wayfinding — Design of an urban wayfinding system for the municipality of Molenbeek

Study, design and production of an urban wayfinding system to promote soft mobility in Molenbeek in collaboration with Speculoos.

LOCALS, Brussels — Scenography and production management

Exhibition in the Brass engine room with the artists: Anne Daems, Filip Gilissen, Roberta Miss, Jana Phlips and Filip Van Dingenen. []
Curator: Anne Pollet - Cosmos Cosmos
Graphic design: Harrisson - Joël Vermot
Pictures: Mathieu Lecouturier