Ultramarine — Installation for the film Ultramarine directed by the artist Vincent Meessen

Textile design: Diane Steverlynck, Emilie Lecouturier in collaboration with Vincent Meessen
Production management of the installations: Emilie Lecouturier in collaboration with Vincent Meessen
Pictures: Damien Aspe (1, 3, 4) for Printemps de Septembre, Toulouse / Paul Litherland/Studio (5) for Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University / Normal (2, 6, 7, 8)

The colours of liberation as told by the tapestry — Scenography for The Senate

The exhibition is built around the tapestry commissioned to Anto Carte in 1934 Le retour victorieux du Roi Albert à la tête de ses troupes à Bruxelles le 22 novembre 1918 ("King Albert returns triumphant at the head of his troops, Brussels, 22 November 1918") located in the Reading Room of the Senate to commemorate the entry of Albert I into Brussels liberated a hundred years ago, on 22 November 1918.

Curators: Sophie Wittemans and Hermione L’Amiral
Scenography and Graphic design: Émilie Lecouturier in collaboration with Philippe Koeune - Valley the Valley
Project manager: Émilie Lecouturier
Construction: Chloroform

Chris Marker. Memories of the Future — Scenography for BOZAR

Exhibition that allows you to travel into the unique world of Chris Marker (1921-2012), and his impressive archives. As a militant artist he created a body of works using a wide range of disciplines: he directed films like La Jetée (1962), but was also a writer, photographer, made drawings, music, used new media techniques and travelled the world. Alain Resnais (french director, one of the representatives of Nouvelle Vague) described him as a prototype man of the Twentieth Century, an extremely versatile artist and cosmopolitan.

Coproduction between BOZAR and La Cinémathèque française.
Curators: Christine Van Assche, Raymond Bellour and Jean-Michel Frodon, in collaboration with Florence Tissot
Exhibition Coordinator: Alberta Sessa, in collaboration with Zoé
Scenography: Émilie Lecouturier
Graphic design: Harrisson, Hélène Bedouet, assisted by Quentin Jumelin
Construction: Chloroform
Pictures: Philippe de Gobert